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At last, a program that works.

Discover the secrets I use that are so powerful that they have proven to work time and time again with women of all ages, shapes and sizes to help you unlock ‘unlimited’ energy and feel 10 even 20 years younger. From quick and easy ways to eat and exercise, to blasting through those limiting beliefs, my 12 Week Lean Body System is a ‘must do’ system to help you lose weight, feel more attractive, be happier and radiate good health. More and more women are turning to my system simply because it works.


Sandy Before

Sandy After

“I have more energy, feel fantastic and am able to fit back into my jeans.

I am so glad I joined Dana in her 12 Week Lean Body System.”

Owner, Sandy Hair Art
Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Paula Before

Paula After

“I had my first baby in my early 40’s. I had put on weight in my pregnancy and it was not coming off.

I lost 16 kilos in 12 weeks and feel fantastic. No lower back pain, I feel strong and able to fit back into all of my beautiful clothes. What I love is the program is not hard and definitely did not feel like a diet. I am so happy.”

Mullaway, NSW, Australia