7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make Trying To Lose Weight Part One

I have helped women lose weight for over 20 years now and I often see classical mistakes being made time and time again.  These mistakes can really slow down the weight loss process and also make you feel really down about yourself.

Mistake One Being To Hard On Yourself I see so many women putting such high expectations on themselves to only feel let down, a failure and dejected.  No matter that they have done everything right for 80% of the time that other20% (what they did wrong) is what they focus on.  The lesson I would love my clients to learn.…  Losing weight is a journey in changing your habits, lifestyle and beliefs.  The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is so true.  Be kind to yourself and be proud that you have taken the steps forward to being a healthier, more active you.

Mistake 2. Being Perfect  This mistake I often see with my ladies that are achievers, the ladies that have the mindset if you are going to do it, do it right, give it your all and have no excuses! (By the way I am one of these ladies so I know the drill).  The problem with being perfect is once again we are human and the chances are that every now and again you will do something that is not so perfect such as miss an exercise session, eat something you really should not have or slept in and missed your class.  With a perfection attitude you start to feel consumed with guilt, angry at yourself, the little voice inside you giving you a down right lecture (you can do better, what is wrong with you etc etc ).  Is this type of mindset going to help you to not only lose weight but enjoy the journey?  Definately not!!  The lesson I would love my perfect clients to learn…. to look at themselves in the mirror every day and be grateful for that beautiful person staring back at them.  To give themselves permission to relax every now and again and try it.

Mistake 3. Time For You  If I had $1 for everytime one of my women clients said to me “I don’t have time” I would be rich!  I do understand.  I am a mum with three kids and a husband running a very busy home and business.  Life certainly does get in the way.  It is all about priorities.  Now your reaction may be “I have to do all of this before I have time for me” but you should be your number one priority because without you (a healthy you) all the family will eventually suffer. The lesson I would love my clients to learn… From my experience it is a matter of getting up 1 hour earlier (which may mean going to bed one hour earlier) or talking to a health/fitness  professional and brainstorm ideas on how you can find time in your day to exercise for 1/2 hr.

Don’t miss Part Two posted tomorrow as we continue the 7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make Trying To Lose Weight.

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