7 Biggest Mistakes Women Making Trying To Lose Weight Part Two

Mistake 4…Weighing Yourself Every Day .  This can be a deadly mistake especially as women.  I need to back track here for a minute.  Exercising regularly helps to build muscle mass and tone which is a good thing.  Muscle weighs twice the amount as fat yet visually is alot smaller.  I often use this example…If I placed a t-bone in one of your hands and a stick with fairy floss in the other, which takes up more space?  The fairy floss of course – a lot more space.  The t-bone is smaller and dense and the fairy floss is big and fluffy.  If I place those same two foods on a scale what is going to weigh more?  The t-bone steak will definately weigh more than the fairy floss.

Think of your muscle and fat as t-bone and fairy floss.  Your muscle is small dense, takes up less space but weighs more on a scale.  Your fat is big and fluffy, takes up more space but weighs less on a scale.  Therefore, as you exercise you start to lose fat and gain muscle.  Visually you look smaller which is the result you are after but the scale may not show  the results because muscle weighs more than fat.

When you weigh yourself, you do not really know whether you are weighing fat, muscle or fluid and as women we hold more fluid some days than others due to hormones, time of the month etc etc.

How do you feel when you weigh yourself each day and the scale is not giving you the result that you feel you deserve due to all your efforts?  I’m guessing like most of my clients fustrated, angry and feel like giving up.  This is not a healthy way to enjoy the journey to becoming a healthier more vital you.

The lesson I would love my clients to learn…A far more practical way to assess your fat loss is to weigh yourself once a week and also measure yourself with the tape measure.  If your tape measure shows that you are losing cm’s or inches you are on your way to success.

Tomorrow we look at the last 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make Trying To Lose Weight

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