A BreakThrough Idea For Anyone Who Really Wants To Be Successful In Losing Weight

Picture this…

You have started a new weight loss and exercise program with the enthusiasm of a little child starting their first day at dancing or soccer – excited, enthusiastic and full of motivation with a huge smile on your face, after all you are at Week 1 of the ‘new trim, taut and terrific’ you.  You are the star pupil doing everything right and sticking to the plan like chewing gum to a shoe! You are rewarded at the end of the week with weight loss and centimeter loss and you feel pretty darn good.  In fact, you tell yourself…

I can do this, I’m excited, this program really works!

After a couple more weeks you start to slip back into some of your old habits and thinking patterns,  looking lovingly at the chocolate sitting in the fridge and dreaming about eating a bag of your favorite chips and before long  find yourself eating something you shouldn’t have – a chocolate after dinner, a cake with your cappuccino or maybe giving in to a glass or two of your favorite wine.

What do you tell yourself as you lick your lips and feel dizzy with the sweetness of sugar, fat or alcohol?

“Oh My Goodness I am a failure, hopeless, weak, there is no hope for me”

Sound familiar?

But are you really a failure or are you just going through a very common stage of change?

Change is all about creating NEW behaviors that become a part of your personality and to create change you need to think about the problem you would like to address, prepare, take action and then sustain the steps necessary to make this change permanent.

Have you heard the saying… Rome wasn’t built in a day or practice makes perfect?

Well you will be glad to learn that the ‘replase stage’ is all very normal and in fact necessary in the process of change and is not necessarily a failure but just a setback.

The key to permanent change is recognizing that you are not a failure but just in a process – a process that takes practice and consistency and after a period of time you will be successful in creating long term positive changes that become natural and habitual.

The secret is to have faith, trust in the process, do not give up and most importantly be kind to yourself as you enjoy the journey from comtemplating change to creating long lasting, awesome results!

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