About Dana

For the last 20 years, Dana Eden has been changing people’s lives. Dana Eden, BWN Business Woman of the Year 2010, is a Personal Fitness Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Weight Loss Expert and Specialized Older Adult Trainer. Bringing her weight loss and fitness systems and guidance to her clients, she seeks to find her clients individual excellency and help them achieve their utmost potential. Dana is an Author, creator of DVD’s, prominent speaker and the business owner of How To Lose Weight Solutions. She is a recognized authority on safe and effective exercise methods and is regularly sought out to speak at different events.

How I can help you get the body you want and the life you deserve

How would things be different for you if you lost 10-20lbs, had more energy and vitality and felt 10 even 20 years younger? Would you go out more? Do you think you would attract different types of people into your life? Would you feel different mentally? Well I bet you could probably think of a dozen things that would be different for you because when you feel good and look good you just seem to have that feeling that all is ok in your world.

At last, a program that works.

Discover the secrets I use that are so powerful that they have proven to work time and time again with women of all ages, shapes and sizes to help you unlock ‘unlimited’ energy and feel and look 10 even 20 years younger.

From quick and easy ways to eat and exercise, to blasting through those limiting beliefs, my 12 Week Lean Body System is a ‘must do’ system to help you lose weight, feel more attractive, be happier and radiate good health.

More and more women are turning to my system simply because it works!

Discover how this program will make you feel good from the inside out, supercharge your body and give you a feeling of optimal health

The 12 week Lean Body System is simple and easy to follow. Special care has been taken to design a program especially for women. The goal of course is to get you to lose weight, have great muscle tone and be proud of your body. I feel so confident in my system, I guarantee that you will lose weight and feel better or I will happily refund you the entire cost of the membership. Simply put, this program works and with me by your side you can really be confident that you are going to lose weight, get tone and feel great.

Who are my clients?

My clients are women who want to lose weight and keep it off. My clients understand to lose weight long term does not involve some 3 day crash diet or swallowing a quick fix diet pill. My ideal client is with me to achieve amazing, permanent results through education, practice and support.