Cinnamon To Lose Weight

Could that be true?  Does Cinnamon help you lose weight? If so, How?

Well you may be surprised to learn….

Yes it is true.  Many studies have proven that cinnamon can assist you in weight loss.

Happy Days I can almost hear you saying!  I love cinnamon.

Let me explain more…

If you are trying to lose weight, you are probably already aware that eating to much of the white food group such as white bread, biscuits, cake, sugar, white flour will spike your blood sugar levels and you may be interested to discover that this releases your fat storing hormone Insulin to come along and clean up the increased sugar in your blood stream and store the excess energy (sugar) as fat, predominately around your middle.

Do you have trouble losing fat around your middle?

The same blood sugar response can happen when you eat carbohydrates.

Insulin Hormone is a very potent fat storage hormone.  This is not good news if you are trying to lose weight.

Research has shown that cinnamon helps to better control blood sugar and insulin levels  and when blood sugar and insulin levels are reduced, weight loss becomes easier.

How Much Research Has Been Done, I Mean, Is This Just Another Fad?

Good question!

I have been able to put my hands on 9 scientific studies… 6 showing excellent results, up to 50% decrease in blood sugar levels, 1 showing a 10% decrease in blood sugar levels and 2 showing no real significant change (although both these studies were using 1.5grams per day consumption which you are about to learn is not enough).

How Much Cinnamon Should You Consume?

Studies have shown that you must consume a minimum of 3g of cinnamon a day to have any real effect 5g a day is giving even better results.

Is There Different Types Of Cinnamon And Which Is Best For Weight Loss

My research seems to indicate that there are two types of cinnamon – Ceylon and Cassia. Both are beneficial toward weight loss yet it is recommended that you use Ceylon Cinnamon for best results

Why Use Ceylon Cinnamon?

Apparently  there has been speculation that Cassia Cinnamon can be toxic in large doses so best to stay with Ceylon

When Should You Take Cinnamon?

It appears that the effect of cinnamon on the blood sugar levels is immediate and sustainable for up to 12 hours.  Your blood sugar levels are at your lowest first thing in the morning so I would recommend that you avoid taking first thing in the morning.  Anytime during the day is fine.

Where Do You Purchase Ceylon Cinnamon?

I just love the website  Have you had a chance to discover all the amazing products they sell?  And to ship to Australia is only $4.00.  I am sure you could probably purchase Ceylon cinnamon at your local health food store also.

How To Eat Your Cinnamon?

I have been adding to my cottage cheese, yoghurt, oatmeal  and good quality bread.  I would love to hear your favourite way of eating cinnamon.

So in summary, adding cinnamon to your daily eating plan is a proven way to assist you with losing weight.

Dana Eden is a qualified and registered Personal Fitness Trainer specialising in weight loss.   If you would like loads of FREE information on how to lose weight, go to


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