Help To Lose Weight

What would it mean to you to lose weight and fit into your favourite pair of jeans?  Welcome to my world!

Are you where you want to be in regards to your weight?
Are your clothes feeling loose and comfortable?
Are you reaching your goals of being a fit, healthy woman?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, let’s talk about excuses and rationalizations and how you can move through these to achieve your goals.

I’ll bet that you can come up with a few different reasons why you cannot exercise regularly or eat properly.  If you are like most people, your reasons will include something that has to do with a lack of time, money or energy!

Believe me you are not alone!

To make matters worse we believe our excuses (oops sorry, reasons)

Let me share a story with you.

Nikki Stone is a former American Olympian in Aerial Ski Jumping who suffered a spinal injury that threatened her career.  10 Doctors told Nikki that she would never compete again.

Nikki had other plans.  Nikki decided she would ski again.    She worked very hard at regaining her strength, fitness and rehabilitated herself back to health.  Nikki not only had to become physically fit but imagine the journey of becoming self confident enough and mentally fit to challenge herself to not only ski again but go on to win the first Gold Medal ever in the sport of aerials for the USA Women.

The point of my story is that we all have obstacles to overcome.  Maybe not as big as Nikki’s but still challenges where we need to rise to the occasion.

When you have an obstacle that is getting in your way of achieving your goal of losing weight and getting fit, the most valuable tool you have is your mind!

Permanent change happens by decision – that simple!

Now I can almost hear you saying…

“Dana if it was that simple to change, I wouldn’t have the problem – it cannot be that easy!”

Believe me, it is that easy

The problem is you think of a decision as a preference.  A decision is not a preference.  It is when you cut off any other possibilities other than your chosen outcome, when you say ‘That is it’ that a decision is life changing.

So many people say…

I would prefer to be thin than fat

I would prefer my clothes to feel looser than tight

I would prefer to be fit than unfit

These are not decisions but preferences

Let me share an example…

A smoker goes to the doctor and is told that if he does not quit smoking NOW that he will be dead within 3 months.  This man walks out of the doctors and never smokes again.  It is not an effort, just a choice.  I am sure we all know of a similar story.

A real decision is not

  • Maybe just a bit more food won’t hurt me
  • A little more cake cannot do much harm
  • There are not to many calories in this chocolate

A real decision is life changing.  When you burn all your bridges and the only choice you have is to move forward.

So how do you get there?

Practice, practice, practice.

I show you how to create strong muscles but we all know that a strong muscle does not happen after one exercise session, don’t we.  Strong muscles take time, lots of repetitions and practice and before long that weight that you struggled to lift in the beginning feels comfortable, easy to lift, don’t you agree?

You need to work your decision muscle the same way – by practicing to create a habit, a pattern.  Conditioning yourself until you are strong in the mind, feeling comfortable, it even feels easy.

Let me share a quick story with you.

A group of scientists strapped down all of a monkey’s fingers except 1.  They started to lift this one finger up and down, up and down… they did this 10,000 times!  Can you guess what happened when they unstrapped the other fingers of the monkey?

He continued to lift that finger up and down, up and down – it was easy, felt comfortable because he had practiced so much that he had created new neural pathways in his nervous system.  His new habit was just that – a habit!

You need to condition yourself, especially when you are tired, no energy, lacking time or creating excuses and rationalizations! This is the time to practice, practice, practice your decision muscle!

I challenge you to practice your decision muscle repetitively for 3 days and come back to me and comment.  I bet you are well on your way to a healthier, fitter and thinner you.

Dana Eden is a qualified and registered Personal Fitness Trainer who helps women (and a few smart men) how to lose weight and fit back into their favourite clothes.  If you would like to learn more about how Dana can help you, simply go to

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