How To Expect Success When Losing Weight

You are going to discover today why DIETS don’t work.  I am going to share with you today secrets that other weight loss experts are not telling you.

We have all done it.

  • Bought a product that we thought was going to help us lose weight and keep it off
  • Been given some free information
  • Go to talks and seminars to learn more
  • And all the products/free information and talks promise that their way is the only way, the answer.

And it makes sense that we all do this because

  • We need guidance on how to lose weight
  • With all the information floating around you can feel confused and overwhelmed
  • There are so many options we want some-one to show us the steps so we look for books, products etc.

What happens is

  • We buy the book, product or system
  • We try it
  • It  works for a while but like all DIETS it comes to an end and you put all your weight back on again, often more and feel like a failure.

So what is going on?

Let’s face it, most experts are just that in their particular field.  Be it an expert in exercise, an expert in how to eat or an expert in thinking.  This is great but it is not giving you a process that is likely to work long term because it is just part of the picture.  It is like giving you a part of a cake recipe (the ingredients only) and asking you to bake a cake.  Now this becomes impossible because you need to know how much of each ingredient, in what order to add the ingredients and how long to cook the cake for and at what temperature.  Without this other vital information you are likely to fail at cooking a cake.  Well weight loss is exactly the same.  With just one of the ingredients (maybe the exercise ingredient or the eating plan ingredient), you are destined to fail long term because it is the combination, the whole package that brings true success.

How to avoid this happening to you

Learning to think like a thin person is just as important as to learn how to eat like a thin person and just important also is how to exercise effectively, efficiently and safely  to lose weight and keep it off.  It is this combination, along with support that brings a much higher rate of success.  Next time you decide you want to lose weight think about the product that you are deciding to buy and ask yourself the following quesstions.

  • Does your product offer all the different ingredients needed  to be truly successful in weight loss?
  • Is the person selling you the product an expert in their field?  Do they use other experts when needed?
  • Have others tried this product and succeeded long term?
  • Is the person offering you the product passionate about helping you to lose weight or simply trying to make a few extra $.

I wish you every success in your goal to losing weight and keeping it off.

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