How To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

What a great achievement, you have been eating well, exercising regularly and have lost just about all the weight you are wanting to.  You are feeling fantastic with loads of energy and vitality, friends and family are commenting on your new figure and your old clothes just hang on you.

So why are you still unhappy?

Because you cannot lose that last 10 pounds.  You still do not have the abs that you dreamed of with a little roll still sitting over the top of your jeans.  You are frustrated.  You are confused.  You don’t know what you are doing wrong.

You are not alone.  I would say the number one conversation I have with many of my clients is ‘how do I lose that roll around my tummy and lose that last bit of fat’.  Losing weight takes discipline, dedication and time.  That is not really helping though is it?  Let me share with you my belief.

You can lose weight and be fit and healthy or you can lose weight to look like a fitness model.  The difference of course is the percentage of fat that you are holding in your body.

Your body likes to be at a certain percentage of fat and will fight you tooth and nail to stay there.  It will try slowing down your metabolism (the famous plateau), and will try and make you feel hungry so you eat more.

So what is the answer, the solution to losing those last 10 pounds?

  1. 1.       Look at your food intake.

Have you been DIETING for so long that your body has adapted to the calories that you are feeding it every day and you need to give your body a good shake up?

How?  Why not give yourself a break.  Why not make 2 days a week days that you decide to actually eat a bit more than usual, throw in some more carbohydrates and give your body additional calories.

What will this do? This will let your body know that you are no longer on a DIET.  It will let your body know that you are being well fed and guess what, your body will fasten up your metabolism .  It is like playing a trick on your system and it works.  Fitness Models have been using this trick for years.

Remember.  You do not need to eat yourself out of house and home.  Just eat a bit more at each meal than you would normally.

Example If you normally eat a turkey burger (with salsa and salad) without the bun for lunch, why not add a healthy wholegrain bun this day.  Do this with 3 of your 5 meals twice a week for two weeks and feel your metabolism start to fire up.

  1. 2.       Look at your exercise routine

Have you got yourself caught in a bit of a rut?  It happens to the best of us.  We get into a comfort zone and have forgotten about the word ‘PROGRESSION’.

How? Sit down with a piece of paper and write down what you are currently doing.  Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I doing cardiovascular exercise frequently enough to burn those extra calories?

Can I add intensity to my cardiovascular exercise by adding a hill into my run or doing a couple of sprints throughout my jog

Can I add time to my cardiovascular workout by adding an extra 10 minutes

Can I change my cardiovascular exercise for variety.

Am I doing my toning exercises to my full potential?

Am I adding variety to my toning exercises?

Am I disciplined and exercising 6 times a week?

What will this do? Ask yourself the above questions and give yourself honest answers.  Add a few of your own questions in there.  You may find that your answers give you the solution.

Remember change is as good as a holiday.  Your body is such a wonderful thing and adapts over time to the environment that you have given it.  So therefore why not give yourself lot’s of variety and watch as your body reacts and starts to fire up.

Example  Have you been going for a 30 minute run 3 times a week as your cardio?  Why not make one of those sessions a sprint session doing ten 200metre sprints (after a warm up of course) and make another session a hill run where you place at least 3 hills into your workout.


Life is just a game.  How you show up in life is just a mirror of how you have chosen to play the game.  Everything you have done up to this point in your life has given you your current results.  If you want different results, start playing your game differently.

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