How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Woman in Red Swimsuit SmilingAnd lose weight over 35
So a friend of mine says “well it has to be what you eat right?”
And another friend says “I run 4 times a week; I would have a fast metabolism already, wouldn’t I?”
And of course there is always 1 friend that is certain that she has heavy bones.
Losing weight after 35 years is not easy.
Check this out
Research tells us:
1. You will lose approximately 1 pound of lean muscle every year after 35

2. You will gain approximately 1 pound of fat every year after 35

3. One pound of muscle = 100 extra calories being burnt each day

So basically if you choose to age naturally, your body is going to be fatter, have low muscle and a very slow metabolism but if you choose to do something about it, you could potentially fasten up your metabolism to burn an extra 500 calories a day (at rest). Now I ask you, how much better can it get?

HELP! I hear you say

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is IT ISN’T TO LATE. No matter what your age, you can speed up your metabolism and slow down or even reverse the ageing process.
Now I can almost hear you saying happy days. Pass me your words of wisdom Dana. What do I need to do?

Want to know the bad news?

To speed up your metabolism successfully and lose weight with ease, it is not a quick pop a pill, wake up in the morning and look 10 years younger. Nor is it starve yourself silly, exercise for hours on end or pray yourself thin (or your friends fatter).
Speeding up your metabolism requires a steady, consistent approach to nutrition and exercise.
Here are the 3 most popular way of being successful in a faster metabolism
1. Regain or maintain your lean muscle mass
Muscle mass is the key as we age. Low muscle mass equates to a saggy body and a slow metabolism.
How to regain or maintain your lean muscle mass? Get a program designed specifically for you from a fitness leader such as myself and ask for a program that includes lots of squats, lunges, pushups, tricep dips, chin ups, pilates, abdominal exercises and lower back strengthening exercises.
2. Eat 5 times a day
Eating regularly (and small portions) is the key to speeding up your metabolism.
What should you eat? 1 portion of protein (an absolute must), 1 portion of good fat, 1 portion of complex carbohydrates (optional) and loads of green fibrous vegetables. Eat like this most of the time and watch as your body shape changes and your metabolism kicks
3. Drink loads of water
Did you know that research suggests that 75% of the population is dehydrated? Dehydration will slow down your metabolism.
The Answer? Drink lots of fresh water every day

Copy of IMG_0058_ret_refinedDana Eden is a qualified, registered personal fitness trainer, weight loss expert, pilates instructor, creator of the 12 week lean body system and has over 20 years experience teaching women (and a few smart men) how to get back into the best shape of their lifes.

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