I Feel Fat And Do Not Feel Good About Myself

Do me a favour and read the title of this blog again.  Does it sound familiar?  What do you think when you look in the mirror?  What about when you are trying to do up the zipper of your pants? 

Maybe looking after your family, running around after your kids, going to work and finding a little bit of ‘relaxation’ time has taken its toll and you feel utterly exhausted, drained and no energy.  When you do get a bit of free time you just want to STOP, sit on the lounge and do nothing.

So what is going on?  Let’s face it being stressed and super busy makes anyone tired but if you are unfit, feeling fat and I bet not feeling to good about yourself is not going to help you to regain your energy, vitality and good sense of humor, is it?

How can you reclaim your health?  What can you do about changing who you are?  Simple,   Do  Different Actions.  You are who you are today because of your past actions and decisions.  If you are not happy with the person you have become, change what you are currently doing.

“Easier said than done” I can hear you say.  “I don’t have time, I don’t know what to do and I sure don’t have much spare money to make changes”.

I hear what you are saying and learning to overcome your barriers is the first step to making positive change in your life and reclaiming your health.

If you choose to stay in the belief that time, money and a lack of education in regards to health and fitness is why you are overweight and not feeling good about yourself, sit quietly and think about what you will look 5 years into your future.

My guess is an expanding waistline, less energy, less spark and an even unhappier face when you look in the mirror at yourself in your underwear not to mention what it might cost you financially in medical bills if you create disease due to being overweight such as Diabetes, Heart Disease or High Cholesterol.

A colleague of mine, Cazzie Pitsis,  shared this insightful little tip with me last week.  She said “if you went to a Doctor today and the Doctor said you have to have an operation tomorrow and this operation is going to save your life.  If you do not have this operation, you will die, do you think you would make the time?”  Of course I would make the time!  So it is not that you don’t have the time, it is that you are choosing to spend your time doing other things.

Solution:  Make looking after yourself your number one priority.  Your health is the biggest gift you can give yourself.  Decide on a time to exercise each day and treat it as important as a Doctor’s appointment.  It is an investment in your future.

This same colleague, Cazzie, (a very smart cookie she is) says the same of money.  Once again if you had a Doctor tell you that you needed a life saving operation but it was going to cost $2000 and without this operation, you would die.  Do you think you would find the money?”  Definitely.

Solution:  Choose today to look after your health.  Seeking a Health and Fitness Professional to design a safe and effective program makes sense because it puts you at lower risk of injury and higher chances of succeeding and reaching your goals.

I bet that if you start today making small changes around your food choices and place regular exercise into your day that you will  be feeling on top of the world in record time.

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