Intermittent Fasting – Is this the NEW weight loss Secret? You May Be surprised!

IntermittentFastingRight now I am writing this post for all the women and men out there who are just like me, time poor, sick of dieting and just want to feel your best, look your best and be your best with minimum effort and hopefully not doing hours of exercise every day!

I am going to make this as uncomplicated as possible.

Being a Personal Fitness Trainer and Weight Loss Expert allows me to challenge the ‘latest information’ to ensure that my clients are getting results.

The latest trendy words hitting the street is ‘intermittent fasting’ or ‘The 5-2 Diet’ which basically says Fast (or eat very little) for a certain amount of time and eat normally the rest of the time.5 2 diet

So I did a bit of digging and started to ask some questions..

Is IF (Intermittent Fasting) another trendy ‘diet’ or does it work?

If it does work, WHY does it work?

Is there only 1 way or several ways, and which one is best for weight loss?

Asking these questions led me on a journey of discovery and despite what you may have heard, IF (Intermittent Fasting) has validation!

But before we go into that….

I want to ask you…

Why would I put my clients on the latest trendy way of losing weight if I wasn’t sure it worked? Or how it felt? I wouldn’t!

The answer… I need to be a guinea pig and take IF for a test run.

An afternoon of research with Google showed me that there is basically 5 different approaches used to IF and each one works differently depending on what result you want to achieve.

1. To just lose weight

2. To lose fat and keep or even gain your lean muscle tone

Guess which one I chose? Number 2 of course! There is no way I wanted to lose lean muscle tone and put myself at risk of slowing down my metabolism and putting on weight in the name of research (sorry friends). So here is what I discovered (make sure you read the last one)

1. I started to lose weight on the scales quickly

2. My stomach felt fabulous, no bloating! (I ate gluten free)

3. I kept my lean muscle mass (I exercised daily )

4. I had heaps more time on my hands (yippee) due to less cookingsugarcravings

5. I didn’t faint

6. I had noticeable more energy

7. And best of all …. I lost my sugar cravings!

The loss of sugar cravings intrigued me. I have been struggling with this issue for a long time!

Research suggests that eating your day’s calories in a smaller time frame (say 8 hours instead of 14 hours) keeps your blood sugar levels lower. Therefore, your body is not reacting with cravings!

So what IF Strategy did I try?

I fasted from 8pm at night until noon the next day. My first meal was lunchtime. I ate again in the afternoon and dinner around 7pm. I finished eating for the day and repeated. I added a kicker, which I believe, was the key to it all … I listened closely to my body and once a week (every Saturday in my case), I ate whatever I wanted, all day long, including unlimited carbs. This little trick seem to speed up my metabolism, kept my body guessing and kick started my fat burning furnace. I eat whole foods, healthy foods MOST OF THE TIME and this certainly helped create the great results.

IF is certainly one way of losing weight, is sustainable over a long period of time and if done correctly will maintain your muscle tone and in my book these three things add up to success!

DanaDana Eden is a Personal Fitness Trainer and Weight Loss Expert. Dana is the creator of the 12 Week Lean Body System, does online and offline coaching and shows women (and a few smart men) how to lose weight with ease. Dana can be contacted at or visit her website at

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