Long Term Weight Loss. Is There A Key Factor You May Be Missing?

measuringwaistMy clients often ask what is the key to long term weight loss?  My answer is not usually a special food or type of workout nor is it some latest research I have read or some advice from a known ‘guru’ but rather the answer I gives comes from my observation of working with women and men for the last 20 years.

My experience leads me to believe that long term weight loss is not going to come in the form of a magic pill or the latest diet nor will it come from buying the NEW piece of exercise equipment advertised on t.v.  These things give momentary motivation and short term results.

Lasting results require a different approach.

Let me explain..

You will always lose some weight when you go on a DIET or suddenly start exercising regularly BUT it never lasts, does it!  You get bored with your exercise or your DIET is no longer giving you results as the scale plateaus and you start to feel tired, lethargic and no energy.

Long term weight loss is about changing how you think about your body, your weight, your health and most of all, your beliefs.

Let me ask you a question

Do any of these sayings resonate with you?

  • I wish I could have a glass of wine tonight, I love my glass of wine
  • I wish I could have that piece of chocolate, I love chocolate
  • I wish I didn’t have to exercise today, I really hate feeling hot and sweaty
  • I wish I could have just a few of those chippies on the plate, they smell amazing and I do love my hot chippies
  • It isn’t fair, I just have to look at food and I put weight on!

Do you think that these thoughts are going to give you long term weight loss results?  Seriously, if I was telling myself those things everyday there is no way I would be strong enough to stick to a healthy plan for life because that little voice inside my head would win every time.  It is a form of torture, of punishment.

So what is the answer?

The answer is to change your beliefs, to change how you think about certain things.

Let me tell you a quick story.

I always LOVED Tim Tams, I mean it.  If you spoke to anyone that knew me well they would tell you I had an addiction to Tim Tams and I did.  I would say I love them, especially after they had been in the fridge and especially of a night time after dinner with a cup of tea.

So how did I make such a radical shift that the look of Tim Tams actually makes me turn my nose up?

I started to look at Tim Tams in a different way.  I looked at the packet and realised how much sugar I was eating.  I would average 2 -3 Tim Tams a night which equated to about 5-6 teaspoons of sugar.  I started to read about sugar and how it is poisonous to our bodies.  (Grab a hold of ‘Sweet Poison’ by David Gillespie to give you the information that turned me off Tim Tams for life.

I now look at Tim Tams as poison, as toxic to my body and my future health.  I can honestly say I have cured myself of this addiction.

So now it is your turn.

Look at the beliefs you have around food and exercise.  Are those beliefs supporting you in achieving your goals or are they sabotaging your results?  It may be time to change your current beliefs to be in alignment with your new goals about health, weight loss and fitness.

Let me give you some nasty little facts to help you along the way

  • Alcohol is the leading RISK factor for disease in the western pacific
  • Alcohol has many calories, none of which have any nutritional value
  • Alcohol will slow down fat burning
  • Alcohol is dehydrating and will assist in ageing your skin
  • Sugar is toxic, in that it ups blood pressure, damages the liver, and impacts hormones.
  • The average Australian consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day.  The recommendation is 6
  • Sugar is contributing to 35 million deaths worldwide each year, from diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, an even greater burden on public health than infectious diseases.
  • Sweating during exercise is good for you.  It is very cleansing releasing toxins
  • Sweating will fasten your metabolism
  • Sweating will help you achieve softer, smoother skin

So let’s start looking at life differently.  Drop the sugar and alcohol, increase your exercise and watch as you start to achieve long term weight loss results.

Copy of IMG_0058_ret_refinedDana Eden is a Personal Fitness Trainer and Weight Loss Expert.  If you would like to contact Dana, go to www.HowToLoseWeightSolutions.com

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