Speed Up Your Metabolism And Lose Weight With Protein Bars and Powders

CarbStarve Choc CrunchProtein bars and powders are the newest weapon in the fight against fat but I would be wrong to say ‘NEW’ after all protein bars and powders have always been around but starting to understand HOW they help women and men lose weight is becoming the NEW fat loss secret that everyday women and men are embracing.
With latest research and technology, not only do protein bars and powders speed up your metabolism, they can rev up your energy levels and burn fat for fuel.
You’ll be glad to know that regularly eating protein bars and powders can keep you on track, break through weight loss plateaus and help you emerge successful against fat.
If you’re like everyone else that is after a quick and easy solution to shedding fat then next time you go to reach for a snack, reach for a protein bar or protein shake.
Protein bars and powders help you to slim down, lose unwanted fat and accelerate sleek muscle tone and taste delicious.
But I am jumping ahead. Let me tell you how this all works
Simply put, protein feeds muscle. Increased muscle equals a faster metabolism. Speed up your metabolism and you will lose weight easier. Research suggests that for every 1 pound of muscle gained, speeds up your metabolism by 100 calories a day. Increase your muscle by 4 – 5 pounds and that is a whooping 500 calories a day extra calories burnt.
Not all protein bars and powder are equal. It is important to reach for quality protein that is not full of artificial additives. I highly recommend Lady Bird Protein Bars (especially designed for women) and Black Widow protein bars (absolutely delicious and great for men and women). I use NHS Whey Protein Powder which is 100% natural and have just come across another great protein powder essential sports protein isolate which comes in 100% native whey or pea and rice protein for vegetarians. (I must say the chocolate flavor is addictive, especially with ½ frozen banana, coconut oil and skim milk, so good!)
So rather than eating a biscuit or two at morning tea or a packet of chips in the afternoon or a biscuit after dinner, why not reach for a bar or a smoothie and start to see the results. Remember not all calories are the same! They act differently in the body and protein calories will only benefit you, your weight loss and muscle toning and fitness efforts.
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DanaDana Eden is a qualified personal fitness trainer with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She is a weight loss expert and creator of the 12 Week Lean Body System.

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