7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make Trying To Lose Weight Part 3

Mistake 5. To Much To Quickly Losing weight is about learning to change your eating habits and exercise habits.  I often see my clients dive in full steam ahead full of motivation to find that within 3 weeks they are over it.  They are missing their old food, exhausted from doing to much exercise, have injuries and start to tell themselves that this is not for them.  It is to hard.

Starting slowly has so many benefits.  Firstly, you do not need to think that you are on a diet but merely changing a few of your habits for the better.  After a week add a couple more healthy habits and continue the pattern.  Within no time at all you will start to feel different, look different and have more energy. Starting slowly not only allows your mindset time to catch on but also gives your body a chance to catch up.  To much exercise can cause injuries and injuries will slow you down. The lesson I would love my clients to learn…slow and steady wins the race.

Mistake 6. Short term diet.  Do you often start a diet, finish it, lose weight, feel great to only put it all back on again within a month or two?  I often see this happen and know that it is a lot to do with how you think.   What if I told you that diets do not work!  95% of people who diet put all that weight back on again within 12 months.  Such a shame.  By simply working with your mindset can help you overcome this huge problem.   Stop thinking DIET!  You are wanting to change your habits for life not for a short period of time .  A 12 week program is a great time frame to see some wonderful results but once you have finished a 12 week program it is important that you have established habits that will last a life time. The Lesson I would love my clients to learn…Practice telling yourself that you are learning some new ways to eat and exercise that are going to give you energy, vitality, health and an amazing body which you are going to continue with for a life time.

Mistake 7. Impatience.  This always makes me laugh.  I will often have clients tell me that they are not losing weight fast enough.  Remember putting weight on normally takes quite a while and taking weight off can also take quite a while.  Your body needs to adjust and you will find that momentum builds only to hit a fustrating plateau.  Losing weight slowly is actually very healthy as you will be more likely to be losing fat instead of important muscle mass.  The lesson I would love my clients to learn…  Stop giving yourself deadlines and enjoy the journey.  Some days you will be perfect, others not but always remember while you are trying there will always be successes.  Don’t give up due to impatience.  How does that saying go…  You will reach your dreams taking one step at a time.

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