Which Workout Burns The Most Calories? Step, Pump, Pilates or Cross Fit

step6With strong, tone and fit being 3 words more and more women and men are embracing, it is hardly surprising that group exercise classes are a very popular choice.


Step, Pump, Pilates, Cross Fit and Circuit Classes,  just to name a few, are classes that are well attended each week as we  twirl, sweat, breathe heavy, shake, pump out reps and finish with a feeling of satisfaction.


Now let me ask you a question…


Which Group Exercise class burns the most calories and even if it does burn the most calories, is it the class for you to get the BEST results?pump


Despite what you may have heard, not all exercise will give you BEST results so I want to share with you my list of calories burned (very general based on 68 kilo person) but read on … you may be surprised!


1.         Step Class Moderate Level               400 – 600 calories

2.         Pump Class                                        250 – 400 calories

3.         Pilates                                                 150 – 250 calories

4.         Cross Fit                                             12.3 calories per minute (female)

5.         Circuit Classes                                   400 – 800 calories


As you read the above results, I can almost hear your mind saying … great, Cross Fit and Circuit Classes is the BEST exercise to be strong, tone and fit but is it?


Even though some burn more calories than others, calories burned is not always the KEY to permanent weight loss, strong, tone and fit bodies.


The Key is balance. Create long lean muscle tone with resistance exercise.  All the classes mentioned will achieve this.   Burn fat and improve your heart health with Step, Cross Fit or Circuit Classes and show off your body with great posture and a strong core doing regular pilates.


And guess what?


By cross training your body and STOPPING DOING 1 TYPE OF CLASS, you will start to see BEST results, reduce your risk of injury and create a body that you are proud of.


By Dana Eden

Dana Eden is a Health and Fitness Speaker, registered Personal Fitness Trainer with Fitness Australia, Pilates Instructor and Business Owner of How To Lose Weight Solutions.

Dana shows women and men HOW to lose weight, get tone and fit with simple step by step systems.

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